CYBEX real parents…Spring Christmas

CYBEX Real Parents

CYBEX Real Parents

It was Christmas in L.A. yesterday. Yeah right, it is March. But when the post man rang yesterday and finally brought us the long-awaited parcels the mood was at least as good. To be just as mobile as at home here in L.A. we had sent car seats for the three little ones and also a buggy for Lima by post. Taking all that with us on the plane would have been way too complicated. Unfortunately US customs seems to examine even child car seats very carefully and thus kept our parcels for longer than we would have expected. When they finally arrived, we were all very happy. We instantly fell in love with the fantastic colour combinations and the children couldn’t wait to try everything out. Lima then didn’t want to get out of her new Juno 2-fix anymore.

We took the chance, jumped straight into the car and drove towards downtown where we planned to visit the location of our exhibition. The way there leads us, again, through the tough city traffic. Distances here are indeed a different dimension to home and we are always surprised by the long car rides. The fact that we don’t know the city that well yet, doesn’t help here either. But finally we arrive and all stress was over and forgotten. The location is fantastic. We get instantly inspired and are already thinking about how to hang the pictures. In the following meeting on the roof top of the ACE HOTEL we are able to collect our ideas and enjoy the rest of the day.

Not everything is super easy, in a city as exciting and big as L.A., far away from home, but it is definitely very fascinating, inspiring and a great experience for all of us.

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Kiss good night,

Nada & Vanessa