Spotted: Anna & Lucas in Greenwich Village/New York City

We have met Anna and her little son Lucas at a playground in Greenwich Village, New York City. Anna works as a fashion stylist and actually she is planning her own label for sustainable kids’ wear.

1. How did you hit the idea to plan your own kids’ wear label?

Lucas is in an age where he needs to change shirts like every day. It’s very hard to find good qualities in kids’ wear shirts at the moment. So, I decided to create my own organic cotton shirts with individual prints.

2. Is it possible to combine all your jobs with your son and your family?

Of course, I don’t work as much as before my pregnancy. But when I’m doing a styling job, my husband is taking care of Lucas. Fortunately my label is still at the beginning step of the development, so I use the time in the evening hours.

3. What is your or esp. Lucas’ favorite spot in the city?

Lucas loves to play in the water. We normally go to the Union Square playground. There is a big kids’ pool and a nice water fountain. It’s perfect in the summer!

Anna and Lucas