5 Questions with.. TOM LITTLEWOOD

As hip-dads come, you would struggle to find a cooler customer than Tom Littlewood. Having completed a master’s degree at Cambridge University, Tom went on to become Chief Editor of Vice in Germany. He now lives in Berlin with his wife and their little boy Louis.

We caught up with Tom for a chat about being a dad, Berlin and his new favourite brand, CYBEX.

5 Questions for Tom Littlewood

1. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Cordially shambolic, foolhardy, innocuous nosy-parker.

2. Which parts of your city do you love to explore with your family?

Anywhere new, with plenty of people – Louis loves socialising.

3. What is your favourite new hot spot in your city right now?

The thermal baths at Ku’damm are awesome.

4. What is the biggest shock to you since becoming a parent?

How quickly kids grow (and their poo is sticky and black to begin with).

5. What do you love most about your CYBEX car seat?

The versatility of the Cloud Q is such a huge benefit – it’s basically become our son’s throne/daybed, which he’s always reluctant to leave.


Stay tuned for our next instalment of ‘5 questions with..’ series, where we profile some of the CYBEX influencers and cool parents from across the world.

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5 Questions for Tom Littlewood