Top healthy foods to eat when pregnant

Getting the best out of your diet is a lifelong wrestling match and it’s always seems too easy to submit. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or everything in between, we like to think that we would choose the healthy option most of the time. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has slips. Whether its donuts, burgers or mars bars we all have our guilty pleasures.

When you are pregnant every aspect of your life changes, especially your diet. You need to think much more carefully about what you’re feeding yourself because what you eat is the main source of vitamins and nutrients for your growing baby.

As general guidelines for example, protein and calcium are good for your baby’s tissues and bones, folic acid prevents and protects against birth defects, and iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your baby.

At CYBEX we connect with soon-to-be mothers every single day, and are constantly learning new food and cooking tips. Their advice is always inspiring and valuable, and we want to share this great knowledge with you.

Here are our top pregnancy super foods to get you off to a great start. These should give you the nutrients that you and your growing baby need.


Brocoli is a super nutritious vegetable option. It’s rich in fibre and disease fighting antioxidants, and is also packed with nutrients such as calcium and folate that support a carefree pregnancy. It  has plenty of vitamin C, so if you eat it with iron-rich food like whole wheat pasta or brown rice it’s extra healthy.

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Bananas are great because they are rich in potassium and offer a quick fix of energy to fight off pregnancy tiredness and fatigue. Slice them up into yoghurt or blend with berries, ice and a splash of orange juice for a great smoothie.

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Nuts and peanut butter

Fat is essential for your baby’s brain development and it also helps keep you fuller for longer time periods. It is commonly recommended replacing saturated fats (such as meat and butter) with unsaturated and heart-healthy fats found in nuts such as walnuts. Stick to small amounts though, as peanut butter is also high in calories. DON’T eat if you are allergic of course!

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One of the most important nutrients for pregnant women is a B vitamin called folic acid (when you take it in a supplement) — and lentils are packed with it. Folate is vital to forming your baby’s brain and nervous system and has a powerful protective effect against neural-tube defects.

Carrots and peppers

Carrots and red peppers are packed with beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A — critical for the development of your baby’s eyes, skin, bones and organs