CYBEX correspondent Jenny

Originally from Sweden, Jenny is now based in Berlin and works as an Editor in Chief at I Love You Magazine and as a blogger at She is expecting her baby in the coming days as the festive season sets in. Follow Jenny on Instagram to see how she is getting on!

When are you expecting your child?

I am expecting my little bundle of joy on Dec 24th on Christmas eve. I’d say it’s the best gift Santa could bring.


What is your top 5 useful items to carry with you as a pregnant woman out and about ?

As someone who is expecting I try not to carry too many things with me. First of all this close to birth I can get disorientated easily, therefore I’m a bit afraid of losing things. Secondly things can get too heavy and exhausting. I am heavy as it is. Less is more, right? I guess when I become a mother, my baby boy will come first and second my CYBEX Callisto stroller. Nothing else should matter really. How else do I carry the rest of the 3 items with me anyway..

What is your favourite CYBEX product?

I will have to wait until I can experience them all first-hand. From research though, I’m really keen on the child car seat because I feel it has a great design backed up by a great safety assurance. I drive a lot, and it is very important for me that my child is safe in the car.


Which blog/Instagram are you following?

Oh, they are so many. I’m not really following a specific one, I just follow a lot in general, as this is part of my work as Managing Editor for I Love You Magazine. It means that I use Instagram a lot. Personally, I like to follow my close friends, as they are spread all over the world and I don’t get to see them in person too often.  I always love to know what they are doing or where they are as it makes me smile. Professionally, I follow other magazines and bloggers to get inspiration for my work., I follow photographers, designer, musicians and artists and other people. In the end it’s all about research and keeping up with the digital world.


What is the greatest thing about having a kid?

Ooh that’s an impossible question! I think there are innumerable great things that come with having a kid. I will have to get back to you on that one..