Matilda: Everything changes when travelling with children

CYBEX correspondent Matilda and husband Robbin spent their first summer with baby Elle in Sweden and France. Read here what they experienced between a garden christening, relaxing in France and flying for the first time together as a family.

How was your first summer with little Elle?

First summer with Elle has been amazing. She took her first flight just over 2 months old to Sweden and to meet relatives and celebrate midsummer with family there. We also had Elle’s christening in the garden of Robbin’s father during our stay in Stockholm. A wonderful event to gather friends and family to meet Elle.


Elle’s christening in Sweden


Cakes for Elle’s christening


Matilda and Elle in the weekend house in Norfolk, UK


Weekend house in Norfolk, UK

Where have you been during your summer holiday?

After midsummer we took a week off and just relaxed in our summer house in south of Sweden before jetting off to our house in little picturesque village Cotignac, Provence just 1 hour from Nice.


Matilda and Elle relaxing in their summer house


Summer house in Provence, France


On the way to Holkham beach in Norfolk, UK


Matilda and Robbin enjoying summer in France


Matilda with Elle


Matilda and Elle at the beach in their countryhouse in Sweden

What is different when traveling with a little child than as a couple?

Everything becomes different travelling with a child and especially important is the travel equipment which CYBEX has really proven well to take care of with its Callisto stroller system we have for little Elle. Very efficient and it has saved us from many sweat and tears. Elle is otherwise a very chilled out person and is easy to travel with on any vehicle which is also great!


Matilda and Elle in France with their CYBEX Callisto

What was your favourite item when travelling with Elle?

Besides our CYBEX Callisto, another item worth mentioning in this context is the Aton Q which goes into the stroller system and also in all cars that we travelled in many times during our holidays. It makes Elle travel safely and happy!


Elle travelling in her CYBEX car seat

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