Matilda: This is how we live in London

You are originally from Sweden. When did you come to London and what made you stay?

Robbin and I arrived in London 2005. I got a place at sought after product design BA course at Central Saint Martins. So, Robbin decided to come along with me and leave his career as a chef in Stockholm. He started working at the famous St. John Restaurant here in London immediately… We were supposed to just stay through my 3 years of school but London has the ability to hypnotise you and we’re still here today happily enjoying our London life.

Where is your apartment located?

It’s located in the emerging Clapton area of Hackney east London.

How long have you lived in this apartment and what initially attracted you to it?

We moved here just before Elle arrived. It’s a great little gem and we found it through friends… It’s a period historical Georgian building with lots of original features which we really like, as well as a garden which is a real/true plus.

What is your favourite part of the flat?

We love all rooms in the flat but we have to say the kitchen if anything as it is the focal point in our house, where we enjoy most of the time together as a family and with friends.

CYBEX_correspondents_Matilda and Robbin

Matilda and Robbin with Elle in the kitchen

How has the arrival of Elle influenced your living in the flat?

There’s a bit more baby stuff everywhere like a baby gym, and toys and bouncers etc. Some of them are difficult to blend into the decor as these things are usually very ugly designed but it’s all worth it and as long as Elle is a toddler there are no real issues with getting things baby secured like doors and electricity outlets. But she is a fast learner so I have a feeling it won’t be long until she walks!

CYBEX_correspondents_Matilda and Robbin

Robbin with Elle in the kitchen

CYBEX_correspondents_Matilda and Robbin

Robbin in the London apartment

What’s your favourite place in London?

Oh, there are so many favourite places for different occasions. But a perfect Sunday is spent at Columbia Rd flower market in Shoreditch and lunch at Mayfield’s on Wilton Way in Dalston.

Do you have any favourite weekend getaways with the kids outside of London?

We haven’t yet started to explore too many baby outings as it’s still very early in Elle’s life but we like to travel to the sea and explore the good food as Robbin works in this area. One beautiful little sea destination is the fisherman village called West Mersea just an hour drive from London on the east coast where you can have the best and freshest seafood on the beach at a place called Company Shed.

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