Meet Matilda: “The best thing having a kid is the early mornings”

We are happy to introduce you to Matilda, our new CYBEX correspondent. Born in Sweden, Matilda currently lives in London with her husband Robbin and her little girl Elle. We have asked her five questions about her must haves as a mother, her favourite inspirations on Instagram and why having a kid is such a great thing. From now on we will accompany her and her everyday life as a mother, fashion lover and CYBEX correspondent. Follow her on Instagram.

CYBEX correspondent MatildawithElle

Matilda with Elle in London

1. How old is your child?

My little Elle is 1 month old.

2. What is your top five things you always have with you?

Our top five things we always carry with us:

A mobile soft changing matt
Favourite leopard blanket
Sofie the toy giraffe

3. What is your favourite CYBEX product?

At the moment our favourite CYBEX product is the 2.GO baby carrier.

Robbin with Elle and the CYBEX 2.GO baby carrier

Robbin with Elle and the CYBEX 2.GO baby carrier

4. Which blog/Instagram profile are you following?

We are following lots of blogs and Instagrams. Here are a few of our favourites at the moment:


Lenaperminova: Russian model and mother of 3.

Mmmargherita: Grand daughter of Missoni and mother of little Otto.


Julia Restoin Roitfelds platform for great inspiration all about kids since the birth of her daughter Romy.

5. What is the greatest thing about having a kid?

The best thing having a newborn is the early mornings ( hint hint ;p )

And when she smiles my heart melts! Everything is of course fantastic, having kids is such a gift!