Paula: My Tourist Day in Paris

“It seems a little strange that we have lived in Paris for quite some time but I have never brought my 5-year-old daughter to see the Eiffel Tower. So, on this gloomy Sunday I decided to take her on a tour,… but in a very poetic way: First, we went to Notre Dame, that she has also only seen in movies before. Then, we got to the Bateau Bus, a boat that travels on the Seine stopping at many places just like a tour bus.

It was the best day ever: she loved to go under all the bridges, to see the sunset from the river and what a thrill it was to see the Eiffel Tower appear little by little in the dark.

And then, when we arrived at the Eiffel Tower she went on a century-old merry-go-round. It was an afternoon to remember… And I think it is a great tourist program for parents to do with their children, because there’s not much walking involved for the little ones and the view is just amazing!”

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