Paula: With my Kids at the Games Library in Paris

CYBEX correspondent Paula visited with her kids the Games Library in Paris.

“The Place de la République in Paris was totally renovated in 2013. Since then, it became one of the hot spots for families: usually you have a cup of coffee at the Café Monde et Médias in the centre of the Place and the kids can roller skate or bike around.

One Sunday, we found a great surprise: the L’R du Jeu! (The Game Library). What an event! You can play board games outside the house while getting fresh air. It’s totally free and is open every day from 11h to 20h all the way until September 30th. All you have to do to rent one of the 600 games that are available, is to bring an ID and choose one of the many tables around to sit down on and start playing. There is something for everyone: simple or more complex games, for young or old. We definitely enjoyed our time at the Place de la République that day!”


Kids starting to play at the Place de la République


The great selection at the L’R du Jeu.


The entrance of the L’R du Jeu.


Gala has made her choice.