“Space and Art” is the theme of the group exhibition “OM-D: Photography Playground”, which presents many site-specific, interactive installations by various artists and often involves the visitors in very different ways. The unique location in Berlin-Mitte is transformed into an enormous playground and invites visitors on a special voyage of discovery. The tool it used is an Olympus camera. It is leant out free of charge at the venue and allows visitors to experience new forms of perception and layers that were hidden to the naked eye, capturing them perfectly.


The exciting international artists include the Korean Jeongmoon Choi: Her installation “Drawing in Space”, which is illuminated by UV light and artistically woven from threads, creates new contours, build boundaries or break them down.


Martin Butler, an interdisciplinary artist from Great Britain, make visitors part of the scene “Eat Me, Drink Me” from Alice in Wonderland, as they experience spatial deceptions and optical illusions in the installation.


The artist collective “Numen / For Use” spread an enormous walkable net over a space, making it tangible for visitors in a way that would normally be impossible. As a homage to transient-ephemeral architecture, their NET weaves several layers of flexible meshes in the air.