INSPIRED BY – The Kindertseitung

The children’s newspaper Kindertseitung is a colorful potpourri of creative thoughts and ideas for children. While most other magazines and newspapers for children focus on learning and curiosity, and explaining things in terrible detail (which is interesting and exciting in its own way), the Kindertseitung just wants kids to enjoy it and have fun. Of course it also encourages kids to think, join in, marvel and be creative. Kindertseitung is designed by various authors and artists; each issue is dedicated to a specific theme or subject which is interpreted for children. Imaginative illustrations, funny pictures, comics or ABC games – a bit wacky at times, and different, they will surprise and inspire readers, big and small. The aspect of joining in and getting involved is always in the foreground. Through coloring, cut-outs and word games, children are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and be creative – but above all, to have fun.

 15 09