Spotted: Karin in Berlin

Last week we met Karin with her little daughter Alma in Berlin. They looked so cute and happy together, that we asked them to send us their photograph and asked Karin some questions about being a mother.

1. Karin, did you change your styling since you have your daughter?

Having a kid has a huge impact on personal style! Now, I have my “Playground Mom” looks; clothes are selected based on washability and comfort. Outside the playground, I think my style has improved. I used to always wait for end-of-season sales and buy a lot of random things, but now I have no time for that. Nowadays, I have to go at the beginning of the season and have first-picks. I buy less, but the outfits are more coherent.

2. Is there something you miss doing since you are a mum?

I miss being able to do things spontaneously, without having to book a babysitter well in advance.

3. How does a young family with their kid like to spend weekends in Berlin?

In the summer we like to spend our weekends outside, riding bikes or we go to a lake or park. We also do baby swimming classes together as a family.

Thank you, Karin!