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CYBEX Real Parents

CYBEX Real Parents

CYBEX is a brand for parents. Parents, whose public life does not end with parenthood but who see children as an enrichment and gain in opportunities. Parents like Nada and Vanessa. Together, they are the Lottermann and Fuentes photographers, but they are also mothers – Real Parents, and not made-up advertising characters.

Together with their children Lila (8), Juli (5) and Lima (1), they decided to shift the centre of their lives from Frankfurt to L.A. for the next four weeks. There, Nada and Vanessa will be working on different photo productions and also will be preparing a new exhibition together with the Berlin-based gallery owner Kirsten Hermann. Not only for our Real Parents, but also for their little ones, L.A. is not just a holiday. Just like all children her age, Lila obviously has to go to school – just that, instead of in Frankfurt, lessons will take place in L.A. for the next month.

Find the first impressions from L.A. on our Facebook page (click to visit).

In the following weeks, we are going to accompany the five of them on their trip. Here on our blog, Nada and Vanessa are going to write about their experiences with their kids on the other side of the Atlantic.