This will be a colourful year

This season we are introducing a new range of colours for all of our car seats and pushchairs. Throughout the year seasons change: we go from spring, to summer, to fall and winter. With each season comes a different spectrum of colours. Colours inspire: they bring out emotions, remind you of memories, or put you in a particular mood. Just like music, colours are a way to identify yourself and tell people what kind of person you truly are.

Choose your colour

This season we ask you to think about what colour you feels embodies your personality and then pick a CYBEX colour combination from our new range. No matter if you are looking for a new car seat, a pushchair, pram or buggy, you will definitely find the colour that fits you and your family best.

Inspirations on our mood boards

At CYBEX we get our inspiration from many different sources when creating our new lines, such as fashion, lifestyle or nature. If you want to catch a glimpse of our collection of inspirations, ideas and suggestions, then you can check out our mood boards on Pinterest. Firstly, we would like to introduce the BLACK SEA mood board: it combines a dark and rich sea-blue with a mysterious and beautiful black. Autumn Gold, on the other hand, glows with warm light and sunny orange. We will introduce each colour mood board to you one by one, to give you an insight into the inspiration process of our colourful world at CYBEX.

Let’s Discover!

Until then, come have a look at all 10 of our new colours for our CYBEX Platinum car seats here or discover our newly launched CYBEX Priam configurator, which allows you to create your very individual PRIAM.