Parents out there! Getting your baby to sleep can be a real nightmare. Do you find yourself exhaustedly scanning through the internet in the middle of the night, praying someone will have a solution for how to help your baby catch some z’s? From day one of parenthood, the first thing you notice is how much the mood of your newest family member will affect yours. A happy baby equals a happy home, while a tired one… need we say more?


According to a study conducted by Infant Sleep Information Source:

New born babies may sleep for 18 or so hours a day, but often for only for 2-3 hours at a time.” That’s if you’re lucky! They continue to say “13% of babies had not regularly slept for more than 5 hours in one session by the age of one year”. Parents: If you are among this number, you have our sympathies.

There are many different methods of coaxing your little one into a restful sleep. Everyone does it differently, but we thought we would offer some of our own suggestions for you to try out.

Movement:  Many babies need to be relaxed into sleep using natural movement and motion.  Why not give these 3 options a try:

  1. STROLLER: Try placing your little one in your Priam Carry Cot and gently push him/her around the house.
  2. INFANT CAR SEAT: If the stroller isn’t enough, why not try putting them in a luxurious infant car seat like the Cloud Q and going for a drive around the block. This seat is great as it has a removable seat inlay for newborns and small babies to help them get comfortable and drift off. If you have success with this option and the little angel falls asleep, then the Cloud Q can be used in a full lie-flat position outside the car too! Simply lift and carry whole seat out of the car and take it inside.
  3. BABY CARRIER: This is another good option. CYBEX baby carriers such as the 2.GO or My.GO baby carrier are perfect because they promote physical contact. The heartbeat and smell of the mother, which makes the baby feel relaxed and safe, often helps aid sleep.


Establishing a good routine is key to a getting your baby to sleep. Once you establish a solid sleeping pattern for your little one, and you stick to it, you will find that drifting off comes at the times you want it to.

Your bedtime routine could include:

  • Playing a quiet game
  • Giving them a bath
  • Changing them into their pyjamas
  • Reading them a bedtime story
  • Singing them a lullaby
  • Stroking them

So there you have it! The CYBEX guide to getting your little one to sleep.

If we have missed any out which really work for you, our CYBEX parents, we would love to hear your suggestions! You could save some of your fellow parents a LOT of good sleep. Tweet us your tips with the hashtag #cybex_global!

TIP OF THE DAY – “When my little daughter is not falling asleep I bring the crib into the dining room, sit down at the piano and begin to play a gentle tune! The soothing music works wonders and it gives me a chance to practice.” 🙂 Franz, father of one, Berlin.