A month has passed since the spectacular CYBEX by Marcel Wanders launch event in Milan so what better time to revisit the occasion with two key people who made the magic possible?

Andreas Skotnik & Dan Harrington are two members of the Visual Merchandising Team and are primarily responsible for putting together the event, and making sure every practical and logistical detail is perfect down to the last inch.

We caught up with Andreas and Dan at CYBEX HQ to learn a bit more.

What challenges do you face when setting up an event?
The first thing to mention is that organizing and setting up a high profile event like the CYBEX by Marcel Wanders launch in Milan is a collaborative process and there is always so much to think about. The alignment of design, creative ideas and construction is a tough task, but it is always amazing to see how rough ideas can become reality during the setup process. Big challenges always seem to present themselves unexpectedly, which forces you to act immediately.  You have to always be ready to use ‘out of the box’ thinking.


How long do these events take to set up from concept to execution?
It really depends on the event but for the CYBEX by Marcel Wanders launch in particular, it took about 4 months from the initial concept through to the finalized result.

What were the inspirations for the CYBEX by Marcel Wanders event?
The idea behind the collaboration of CYBEX by Marcel Wanders was “Living your most fabulous Dream”. To achieve this we tried to create an environment which gave visitors the feeling that they were looking into a parents “dream home” from the outside.


What is the process for bringing ideas to life when it comes to events?
From our experience, it usually begins with a specific idea or picture which develops during the “brain storming” period. Once the idea has been conceptualized, it’s really important to identify the different areas of professionalism needed to turn the idea into a reality. Then it’s about building a strong team around this and making sure every individual is aware that they’re each a vital piece of the puzzle.

What was your favorite part of the Marcel Wanders event?

The best part of the event was to see how amazing the end result was after all the planning, time and energy invested by everyone involved in the project.

Thanks Andreas and Dan for the fascinating details about the event planning process, and a special thanks to the entire Visual Merchandising Team for making such a special event possible!

We have created a Pinterest board with photos from the event, so have a look through and see the event for yourself!