Christmas in Tokyo

The season to be merry is well underway and Christmas cheer is in full bloom in Tokyo! We are actually embracing the cold weather as we haven’t had a “cold” Christmas for a while, having spent the holidays in Bangkok the last few years. What’s more, this Christmas is particularly special since we get to celebrate it with our little baby boy Liam for the first time and in a new city!

Over the last few months, we have had some great adventures. We did a weekend in Okinawa where we had some wonderful evenings out exploring the city and soaking up the Christmas atmosphere on the island. Here are some pictures to show you how Okinawa is taking on Christmas.



As you can imagine, Tokyo takes Christmas pretty seriously in terms of decorations and sparkling lighting. The city really lights up and is very festive, even though the main reason for celebrating is for commercial purposes. It’s definitely a different vibe from the family cheer we experience in North American but it’s still fun and festive.  We finally had a weekend to explore Tokyo on a gorgeous warm day in the middle of December, and we couldn’t have asked for more.  We spent the day in two of our favorite neighborhoods: Daikanyama and Midtown. We started with some shopping and I took my husband James and Liam to a hip new spot I found in Daiknayama called Tenoha Daikanyama – it’s a multi-purpose lifestyle complex which aims to provide a “new way of life and working”.  In Tenoha there are co-working spaces, a café, a restaurant and lifestyle shops all designed very beautifully and in a very environmentally friendly way.

In the afternoon, we grabbed a coffee at the Bondolfi Boncaffe and enjoyed the Christmas decorations at Tenoha. We moved on to the terrace at Ivy Place for brunch which is a great spot to bring children as they allow strollers into the restaurant, not always an easy find here in the city!


One hidden treasure we discovered was this great shop called Lush Life: It is beautifully designed and has a wonderful atmosphere. We relaxed with a glass of wine while listening to some great music and people watching out the large windows. We ended off our afternoon in Daikanyama walking around Log Road Daikanyama, eating delicious matcha tea donut at the Camden Blue Star Donut shop which was the perfect treat!


We wanted to end of our day by checking out the Christmas lights at Tokyo Midtown as this is one of the most lit up areas in Tokyo. It was really crowded because at 5 pm every day during the Christmas season there is a light show.  There was a HUGE crowd but it was well worth it because it was so stunning! Then to cap off our evening, we put up our own tree and decorated it with our little boy. We are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas season and wish you all a happy holiday and new year!