CYBEX child safety convinces Belgium’s “Test-Aankoop”

After achieving huge success over the past two weeks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands, CYBEX child car seats, the German premium brand in mobile child safety, has now also received awards in Belgium.

Renowned Belgian consumer organisation “Test-Aankoop” awarded the CYBEX Pallas 2-fix “Beste van de test / Meilleur du test” the highest score in the category 1/2/3 (9-36 kg) out of 11 child car seats and the CYBEX Pallas was given the rating “Beste Koop / Maître-Achat” (Best Buy). The test evaluation for CYBEX Pallas 2-fix stated that it provides particularly good protection on side impact. Even without the Isofix Connect System the CYBEX Pallas was certified as providing good accident protection and the best value for money.

In the group 2/3 (15-36 kg) CYBEX Solution X2-fix prevailed over the other 25 child car seats tested by the jury and was also rated as the best in the test (“Beste van de test / Meilleur du test”). In this age category only three products received the title of best buy “Beste Koop / Maître-Achat”. CYBEX Solution X was one of the products selected to receive this coveted title.

The Belgian organisation Test-Aankoop, founded in 1957, actively seeks solutions for Belgian consumers and helps them to assert their rights. It also conducts comparison tests and highlights products or services with the best value-for-money ratio.

 This year the focus of the child car seats tested was on the combination or adaptable child seat sector in category 1/2/3, which have a predicted service life of around 11 years (from around 9 months to 12 years / 9-26 kg).

What a great prize from Belgium for CYBEX! Thank you very much!