Our CYBEX Correspondent Luiza from Benelux just returned from her first holiday with the newest member of the family to Malta.  As an avid traveler, Luiza wanted to pass on her love for travel to her daughter Sloan and this trip to Malta is, for sure, the first of many they will take together!  Here is her travel diary of their first ever trip. Enjoy!


During my pregnancy I often dreamt about our first trip together as a family. It is important for us to pass on our passion for travel to our daughter Sloan. Adventure is in our blood and we wanted a really great trip to kick start her love for travel!


Malta was the perfect choice for our first family vacation. Not only is it a beautiful island with great weather but my father-in-law moved there a few years ago. As independent as we are, my husband and I definitely appreciated the additional help, and when it came to taking care of Sloan, grandparents are definitely the best at that!

I’m a professional photographer and have visited Malta several times for work. But this time was for a very different reason and one where I had the freedom to explore the island in a more relaxed way with my loved ones at my side. I was really looking forward to combining my two passions as well: taking pictures of Sloan on this vacation!

Packing for a vacation can be tricky.  When it comes down to it, I normally follow my own rule: “If you can’t carry it, don’t bring it.” But this can be difficult as it’s hard to know what to leave and what to take! As a new mom, I knew I would have to make changes to my usual travelling routine and would have even more things to bring along for our 6 week old baby. For myself, I wanted to stay comfortable and relaxed, so I focused on packing lots of lightweight items which worked out really well, given that it was still really warm in Malta, even in November!


The journey to Malta from Belgium was a breeze (luckily!) and as soon as we arrived, we dropped off our bags and took a stroll to my favorite pastizzi (a savory pastry from Malta) shop with Sloan in her CYBEX PRIAM where we had delicious pastries filled with ricotta and peas.


Most of our travels on the island were done by car, since my husband is a scuba diving instructor, meaning we really needed a big rental vehicle to the scuba diving gear, which definitely took up more space than the baby stuff! Having our own car also meant that we had the flexibility to explore Malta and take trips to the beautiful and historic Gozo Island to explore the ancient ruins and check out the best scuba diving spots.


It was super-hot throughout our trip, but Sloan stayed well protected under the XXL foldaway sun canopy on the Cloud Q. She curled her toes when we went outside and I knew my girl would immediately adapt to this warm weather. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it more than our rainy weather in Belgium!


We visited Gozo, a small island accessible by ferry from Malta, for a few days and for our stay I chose the Kempinski San Lawrenz hotel because of its large rooms and beautiful gardens. Check out our room -with-a-view! As it was out of season, we had the hotel pretty much for ourselves, which was totally awesome!


Back in Malta we strolled through the streets of Mdina, the fortified city to the north of the island. This city is incredibly beautiful and it’s one of the most authentic places on the island of Malta and full of amazing photo opps. The All Terrain Wheels on my CYBEX PRIAM were the perfect solution for the bumpy Maltese cobbled streets.


On one of our last days on the island, we organized a day out on Sloan’s grandfather’s boat. We went from bay to bay while she stayed comfy and secure in her stylish Cloud Q. The best part was that she got to sleep throughout the day thanks to the Cloud Q’s lie-flat position!


I purposefully chose CYBEX as a brand because it perfectly fits our personal lifestyle as parents. We wanted a brand that matched our passion for travel and design. When you have a baby, a stroller is perhaps the most crucial purchase, and the PRIAM is the perfect choice. My husband loves the sleek design and the fact that it’s not too girly but rather cool and sturdy and I love that it’s both beautiful and functional.


Thanks to this stroller we were able to enjoy both city and nature with our little girl. The adventures continue because we’re planning the next trip for the end of January. Can’t want to share our trip with you guys too!

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