CYBEX Hausschwein Wins Red Dot Design Concept Award

The CYBEX by MARCEL WANDERS “Hausschwein” was awarded the 2016 Red Dot Design Concept Award in Singapore end of September 2016. The renowned award is the world’s largest and most noted design concept contest and sets international industry benchmarks.

Especially flattering to this playful home accessory by CYBEX is the fact that the entries’ designers and manufacturers are kept anonymous during jury deliberation.

 The Hausschwein is the highlight of the exclusive furniture collection created by CYBEX in collaboration with Dutch product designer and Moooi creative director Marcel Wanders. With its “Parents Collection,” the up-and-coming lifestyle brand CYBEX now emerges on the scene of interior design. Its sophisticated design was the Hausschwein’s winning attribute, landing it a spot in the Red Dot Award Yearbook 2016 as well as the Red Dot Museum in Singapore.

Combining innovation, functionality, and design with a tongue-in-cheek twist, this extraordinary home accessory consciously defies what one expects from a design object, especially one aimed at children’s lifestyle. The Hausschwein allows parents to stay true to their home’s aesthetic standards while stealing the heart of children of all ages.

Boasting an elegant rear Matelassé pattern and whimsical belt motif, the Hausschwein is available in white and matt black. In addition to its handsome looks, the Hausschwein also features incredible functionality. When playtime is over, its nose detaches and its belly opens, offering storage space for toys until next time. Other suggestions include placing flowers, magazines, or arts and crafts supplies in the Hausschwein.

“We take our innovation principle D.S.F. (unique design, unparalleled safety, and intelligent functionality) very seriously, but this clever creature shows that a bit of fun and humor always completes the product,” says CYBEX founder Martin Pos.

Marcel Wanders adds, “It was so cool for us to continue developing an already logical product. We designed a storage unit because children obviously add more things to a household. So we designed an object that can be filled with joy. It beautifully enlivens the home.”

Innovative, stylish, and now, award winning. With a playful elegance that fits seamlessly into parents’ urban lifestyle, the Hausschwein is a cult-classic home accessory in the making.