CYBEX Modular System

Safety, functionality and design are at the core of our innovations at CYBEX. But there’s more: to get ready for the baby, an infant car seat and stroller are essentials from day one and go wherever you go during the first years of your child’s life. With this in mind, we developed the CYBEX Modular System: an efficient package of our M-line products, which work together to offer parents maximized flexibility. The Aton M infant seat helps you stay mobile by car. Don’t wake a sleeping baby! Simply click the Aton M onto the Balios M or any of our M-line strollers.

What’s more, the Aton M shares the Base M with the Sirona M2 i-Size car seat. Once your baby outgrows the Aton M, it’s an efficient transition: the seat changes, the Base M stays. The Sirona M2 i-Size clicks onto the base and your child travels safely rearward-facing up to 4 years (105 cm). The same smooth transition works for our M-line travel systems: simply exchange the infants carry cot with the seat unit as your baby gets older.

Modularity Graphic - M-line Full

Convenient and stylish to suit the everyday needs of modern parents, M-Line strollers are uniquely designed and include elements to ensure maximum comfort and a great design for navigating the city streets. The CYBEX stroller Balios M is equipped with a 3-in-1 frame, meaning that you can swap the stroller seat for a carry cot or a CYBEX infant car seat (both components are optional additions) to build your ideal travel system.

Sirona M2 i-Size

The Sirona M2 i-Size is the frontrunner in a new generation of car seats – it can be used rear-facing from birth up to 105 cm, or forward facing from 76 cm (min. 16 months) up to 105 cm. It can be easily clicked on our Base M that offers a safe and simple installation and make the Sirona M2 i-Size part of our CYBEX Modular System. Find more information on the Sirona M2 i-Size here.

CYBEX Sirona M2 i-Size

Aton M

The Aton M is the newest super light (4.2 kg) and extra spacious infant car seat of the CYBEX Gold collection. In combination with the Base M, Sirona M2 i-Size and as a travel system with the Gold line strollers, it is part of the CYBEX Modular System.


Its great functions and features offer increased protection for newborn or early-born babies. Find more information on the Aton M here.

Base M
The Base M is compatible with the Aton M and Sirona M2 i-Size. Due to the individually adjustable ISOFIX connectors as well as the height adjustable load leg, the two car seats gain extra stability and safety on the Base M. The one-click installation offers a safe and simple installation that requires no further fastening. Installation indicators also help to prevent a possible misuse.

CYBEX Base MBalios M

The CYBEX Balios M is part of our M-Line strollers and combines comfort and elegance on four robust and durable wheels, meaning it has no problem mastering cobbled streets and curbs. Its great functions and features, as well as its 3-in-1 frame, make the Balios M the perfect city stroller and part of the CYBEX Modular System.

CYBEX Balios MThe CYBEX Carry Cot is lightweight without compromising on comfort. An extra wide mattress ensures an ergonomically correct and comfortable lying position. The XXL sun canopy with integrated visor and UPF50+ not only protects baby from sun but also from wind. The Carry Cot fits all CYBEX Gold strollers using the included adapters. For more information please visit our website!