CYBEX Platinum Launch in Mexico

Over the past year we have witnessed some fantastic CYBEX launch events in some of Europe’s key cities. Often the spotlight is on Europe, however this month CYBEX went on a journey much further afield, with a fabulous brand launch event in Mexico City.

CYBEX PLATINUM brand launch in Mexico City

The exclusive occasion marked the launch of the CYBEX Platinum Collection in Central America, with a focus on the PRIAM, as well as products from the successful second CYBEX by Jeremy Scott collection. It took place at the members club ‘Piso 51’, on top of one of Mexico City’s tallest buildings ‘Torre Mayor’, a stunning skyscraper at the heart of Mexico City’s city center.

It was a glamourous affair, with a ‘who’s who’ guest list of Mexico’s fashion and lifestyle scene. The 50 attendees included renowned bloggers Michelle Torres and Maria Jose Islas Cervera, as well as key members of the country’s press and media such as Silvana Sierra, Anna Paula Vergara and Christian Herrera. Have a look at some of the photos from the event.


CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Collection

Mexican celebrities celebrating the CYBEX Platinum brand launch in Mexico City

Mexican celebrities celebrating the CYBEX Platinum brand launch for Central America