CYBEX takes pole position at the 2012 ANWB Children’s Seat Test in the Netherlands!

More accolades for CYBEX Aton 2 with/without Isofix Basis and CYBEX Juno-fix reached us these days! The ANWB in Netherlands rated our products:

  • 3 x VERY GOOD for safety performance
  • 5 x VERY GOOD for absence of toxic substances
  • 5 x GOOD overall ratings

The wave of accolades awarded to CYBEX children’s seats in the most important European children’s seat tests in 2012 is continuing. This is a sensational success for CYBEX, a young company founded only seven years ago. With a combination of passion, teamwork and excellent technical know-how they have achieved a breakthrough to become a European technological leader in child safety. The German brand CYBEX represents highest safety standards, a clear and unique design and smart functionality. Thanks to a broad, global distributor network, parents in now over 50 countries can appreciate the high, sought-after quality of CYBEX products “engineered in Germany”.

Five CYBEX children’s seats for each age category (Aton 2 with Base-fix, Aton 2 without Base-fix, Juno-fix, Pallas 2 and Solution X2) were tested this year in the “2011_2012 ANWB Kinderzitjestest” by the ANWB (Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond), the General Cyclists Association of the Netherlands. Without exception all of the seats were classed as “GOED (Good)” in the overall rating.

The assessment by ANWB is based on the typical school marking system and covers scores from “zeer goed” (very good) to “goed” (good), “redelijk” (satisfactory), “niet voldoende” (insufficient) to the worst score: “lecht” (poor).

The seats were thoroughly tested with regard to safety, handling & ergonomics and cleaning & manufacturing workmanship, and were also subject to rigorous testing for harmful toxic substances.

CYBEX Aton 2 with Base-fix, Aton 2 without Base-fix and Juno-fix even managed to achieve the top score “ZEER GOED” (VERY GOOD) in the “Safety category, and, in the test year 2012 alone, were rated as the best product and test winner in each age category. All five seats including CYBEX Pallas 2 and Solution X2, covering the most important age categories 0+ (0-13 kg), I (9-18 kg), I/II/III (9-36 kg) and II/III (15-36 kg), were also awarded the top score “ZEER GOED” (VERY GOOD) in the test for harmful toxic substances.

The Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond (ANWB) is the equivalent of the German Automobile Association (ADAC) and provides travel services and test reports in the Netherlands, similar to those of the ADAC in Germany. They also offer a breakdown service. With over 4 million members the ANWB is the largest association of its type in the Netherlands.

see the complete test results here

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