We sent fashion blogger Sara Baraldi from the blog Mom&Me to the Milan Expo with her husband, little Nicole and a CYBEX Priam in tow. They spent an exciting full day at the fair and came back with an appreciation of the world around them as well as appreciation for a functional pushchair! Read more about their day out.


Six months ago my husband and I decided on a spontaneous trip to one of the biggest events in the world calendar: The World Exposition. For those who haven’t heard of it, The World Expo, or Word Fair as it was formerly known, is a massive exhibition held in a different city every year with almost 150 countries participating. For 2015 the event is being held in Milan, Italy and the theme was ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’  It’s an odd choice for kids because of the sheer size of the place, but it was one of the best weekends we’ve had and I want to encourage parents to consider it as a great option for a weekend away with a little one, with fun and excitement for the whole family.

A few weeks before the event took place, we were looking at places to take our little daughter Nicole for a weekend away. The 2015 Expo was certainly an unconventional choice, but we figured that it would be a healthy introduction into the different cultures of the world, not to mention it would keep her very occupied! Since she was a tiny baby, Nicole has travelled with me almost everywhere I go. We are partners in crime and it’s very rare to find me without her. In this instance however, I knew what I was getting myself into; having her with me meant serious organization. Those were my thoughts before at least, but somehow when we arrived at the Expo everything just fell into place.


It was late morning when we finally reached the Expo after quite a long drive. Our immediate feeling was slight panic as it was a Saturday and so the queues were already pretty sizable. But we had to grin and bear it. My advice here is to park as close to the entrance as humanly possible (try Roserio car park) and get ready for a patient hour or so as there are A LOT of people. Luckily, this provided the perfect moment for us to try out our fantastic new CYBEX PRIAM and we seized the opportunity. Even though Nicole is almost too old for her PRIAM, it served us incredibly well over the weekend at the Expo. A little secret: have a stroller and jump the queues!


Once inside the gates of the Expo, the fun began! Despite the rather bad weather, the “Decumano” (the main passageway that overlooks the pavilions) was mostly covered by a roof so we stayed dry. If you have time, you should visit every pavilion (even just from the outside). Every pavilion has its own unique character and identity. Our highlights were Austria, which welcomes you into enchanting woods, the United Arab Emirates with their majestic sand castles, and Morocco, a smell and sensory delight. Brazil was one of the most original pavilions, with a fantastic suspended net, where you can walk alongside typical Brazilian plants and China, whose message was the hope of a future, where there will be enough food for everyone on earth.

As you can imagine, the day can take its toll on a little girl. For Nicole’s sake we took regular play-breaks at the Kinder + Sport area, where my husband took his moment to roll back the years and play with her as if he were of the same age. As well as the kid’s area, there was also Children Park, an area entirely dedicated to kids.  But make sure you register before-hand or else you won’t be able to get in.


Nicole had such a great time exploring the different pavilions and everyone was so welcoming and warm to her. But as the day went on, she started getting tired and cranky. Luckily for us we had our PRIAM close at hand for whenever she didn’t want to walk anymore. It was especially great to be able to steer the stroller through the crowd using only one hand. Even on the gravel the PRIAM surprised me for its comfort. You can also quickly switch to the two wheel mode, which is perfect on sand or when you have to move your stroller up or down stairs. What’s more the stroller become a perfectly horizontal bed, with just one click. This gave her the chance to recharge herself, while we were drinking a refreshing Dutch beer at the bar. The PRIAM is not only a beautiful stroller, it is designed to tackle every day obstacles.


We had a wonderful time at the Expo and we owe our thanks to the PRIAM for making our lives easier. The requirements of an efficient stroller are diverse and life with kids is always unpredictable. This is why the PRIAM is the ideal partner: It is modern, light, slim, robust, versatile, adjustable, spacious and it can be easily folded – try it to believe what I’m saying!