German ADAC Test Results: 3 CYBEX Car Seats Win Best in Class

Parents worldwide agree: safety and the protection of their child are the top priority. But it’s everything but easy to navigate the sea of car seat offers. For this reason, independent institutes, like the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest and German Automobile Club ADAC regularly test the newest products on the market. In the most recent ADAC car seat test in 11/2016, the following CYBEX car seats scored top marks and are best in class in their categories:


  • CYBEX Aton Q i-Size (group 0+)
    The CYBEX Platinum Aton Q i-Size infant car seat received a „VERY GOOD“ (1,4) rating for safety in the 45-75 cm category and an overall „GOOD“ (1,7)
  • CYBEX Aton Q i-Size mit Base Q i-Size (group 0+)
    Together with the Base Q i-Size the same infant car seat scored a „VERY GOOD“ (1,3) for safety and received an overall rating of „GOOD“ (1,7) as well.



  • CYBEX Sirona M2 i-Size (group 0+/1)
    In the 45-105 cm category for i-Size car seats, the CYBEX Gold Sirona M2 i-Size received an overall rating of „GOOD“ (2,2) and won „BEST IN CLASS“, just like the Aton Q i-Size and Aton Q i-Size with Base Q i-Size car seats.

16 car seats were tested for safety, ergonomics, handling and contaminant content. CYBEX continues its success once again, being the overall test winner in the most recent ADAC Test 11/2016.

These results confirm our conviction that the successful collaboration of developers, designers and consumers creates child car seats, which meet the highest safety standards. Our car seats meet the current safety rules and regulations as well the expectations and needs of parents and children – and they go beyond. That’s because we, at CYBEX, agree with parents that the safety and protection of children is the number one priority.

Please find all details of the test results here.