The CYBEX by Marcel Wanders collection captures the whimsy and sophistication of the work of Marcel Wanders and infuses it into a beautiful range of children’s furniture. At the heart of the collection is the “Hausschwein” – a beautiful yet functional design piece. CYBEX partnered with the mobile gaming app Gamee to bring the “Hausschwein” to life and in an interview with Gamee CEO Bozena Rezab, she told us the inspiration behind the game and why playtime is so important, no matter what age you are.

Why did you decide to launch Gamee?

I believe people should always have an element of play in their lives. It does not have to be via mobile games, but playing is such a great way to relax your mind, even if you are already an adult. A smartphone is something people always have with them nowadays, so it is just a natural connection to develop a mobile gaming app.


What makes Gamee different than other mobile game apps on the market?

There is no other mobile gaming platform like Gamee. We focus on ease of use – people play with one click with no other barriers. With one app on your phone, you have access to loads of casual games and you can play what your friends play and compete with them as well! This is what people love about Gamee.

Secondly, there are no in-app purchases on Gamee. It is an open & free platform and this was very important to us when we started. Gaming has turned to a form of gambling with so many games asking you to pay so that you can progress. That’s just not right and so we are trying to make this gaming app truly free.

You have said before that you want to create an ‘Instagram for games’. Tell us what you mean by this.

Gamee is like Instagram or YouTube, but with games. The discovery of content is social, meaning that you see and find what your friends enjoy. Also, the platform is opened so anyone can launch a game. In the same way that a video can be viewed on YouTube as well as embeddable to other sites, games are playable on Gamee but also available in web browsers and soon on social messaging apps as well.

What do you think the future of mobile gaming will look like?  

In-app purchases in game will have to change. 0.2% of games make up two-thirds of all in app purchases and this is not sustainable for the industry.  People are also now savvier and able to recognize that they do not have to pay to play, nor do they want to. So this model will have to change.

Also, gaming is already a mass market phenomenon where 40% of top downloaded apps are games. As the technology progresses, we will see more games palyed in virtual reality and more industries will be looking for gamification of their business. And all this will be done via mobile.

What does a typical day of Bozena Rezab look like?

I am very lucky, I play all day! Working on Gamee is just pure fun! The team is enthusiastic and we love what we do. After work, I go home and play with my kids. It’s great!

Has your working day changed since you’ve become a mother?

Absolutely! Before I had kids, there was nothing to stop me from focusing almost all my time into my work. I was involved in different tech startups and I worked for Google which I absolutely loved. But my kids have created a healthy focus for me towards home and family, I have learned to stop, switch off the work and just enjoy playtime with them. It wasn’t easy but I’m learning to relax more and more!

Do you find your children spending a lot of time playing games on mobile devices?

Mobile devices are very attractive to kids, not only for games, but also for videos. YouTube is the prime example for this.  Everyone loves to watch videos and my kids are no different.  For me, the most important thing is to teach them how to balance their time with their mobile device and without it, without me getting angry or emotional. In today’s world, it’s not possible to completely shield them from technology so what we need to focus on is to teach them how to use and handle it without being consumed by it.

How do you keep your sense of style and lifestyle after becoming a mom?

Being a mom and an entrepreneur can be a dangerous combination with a high risk of forgoing my own needs. So I ask myself: Who are you when you are not a mom? Who are you when you are not working? What’s left is me and I need to remember to take care of that. I have a wish list of thing that I would love to learn, try and discover. I look at that list once a month and ask myself if there is one thing that I can check off from that list. This way, slowly but surely, I make sure that I am also taking care of myself.

When you met CYBEX CEO Martin Pos and he said he wants a game with the “Hausschwein” – our adorable domestic pig – what was your first reaction?

When Martin showed me a preview of CYBEX by Marcel Wanders collection, we both knew this was perfect for a game. It is so playful and visually appealing. I loved it!

What was the inspiration behind the ‘Hausschwein Run’ game?

The pig itself was the initial inspiration: a decoration piece that was functional and designed with such a sense of humor! We knew we had to reflect this in the game. So we took the pig and put it into the Gamee world. Like many other games on our platform, it is an “eat-and-avoid” game, but we were able to include other elements of the collection, such as the little monsters, and infuse it with the charm and spirit of the collection. I think we achieved what we set out to do!