India with baby and the CYBEX Onyx – a travel report







Marie from the blog Little Years talks about the experience she made when travelling to India – with her little one Junio and the CYBEX Onyx:

“Our first long trip with Junio, our nine month old son, wasn’t planned well in advance. In December we realized we needed to get away from the grey depressing cold of Berlin. So we booked flights for January! To be honest, I don’t really know why we thought India was a great destination with a child. All I can say is we heard about the Andaman Islands, and it sounded pretty fantastic to us. Really remote, no mass tourism, great indian food, stunning landscape. But India?

Yes, definitely India!

Although family and friends were sceptic, Junio had a wonderful time. He was fascinated by all the colours, the golden jewelry, the friendly faces. He quickly became a little star in India. Everywhere we went people wanted to take pictures of (and with) him. Many times I was happy that we could use the CYBEX Onyx’ XXL canopy and protect little Junio a bit from sun and traffic. We first spent a few days in Mumbai and then were happy to leave the mad city chaos heading to the quiet tropical islands.

We reached our final destination, Havelock Island, after  a five hour trip by plane and a three hour ferry ride. The Onyx constantly at our side, it was Junio’s little hideaway. He could sleep in it and we didn’t need to carry our big baby around all the time.

On the island, we had a totally relaxed time – Junio quickly learned that eating sand isn’t very pleasant and day by day he was less scared of the sea. We hung out at the beach, under a tree, every day eating bananas and drinking fresh coconut water. Right next to the beach (called Beach no 7) was a jungle with huge trees. In the evening we went for long walks with Onyx – the freaky feather print from the CYBEX All you need is love Collection did look quite awesome between all the green. Traveling with a baby is really fun – Junio loved being on an adventure with his two favourite people, Mum and Dad. And as long as you’re well prepared (have a look here for some tipps, in German:, well equipped and enjoy little adventures (of course not everything will go just as planned) you can have a memorable time connecting as a family, and a whole lot of fun.”