LIST-O-MANIA: Science for Kids

Who said that science has to be boring or complicated?

Our Top 3 for great science experiments you can easily try at home with your kids:

Candy Science

CYBEX Top3 List: Science for Kids

  • The so called “Floating M” consists of putting different colours of M&Ms in a bowl of water.

  • Wait until they release their colour to the water so that you get a great rainbow of colours!
  • This experiment is great for smaller kids to start with.


Rock Garden

CYBEX Top3 List: Science for Kids

  • Create a solution of Salt, Ammonia, Liquid bluing and Water.

  • Add things like rocks, wooden blocks and everything your child wants to add.
  • Watch it altogether how your little “garden” grows hour by hour.


Ice cube lifting

CYBEX Top3 List: Science for Kids

  • All you will need is salt, a string, a glass of water (if you colour the water before, it will be easier to see the ice cube), and an ice cube.

  • Put the ice cube in the water, placing the end of the string on it.
  • Add a bit of salt to the top of the ice cub.
  • Wait a minute.
  • Thanks to the salt, the string will freeze to the ice cube.
  • Both string and ice cube can be lifted out of the water.