Long term-Travels with children

How to temporary release children from school when working abroad.

Although it feels like endless summer here in L.A. all of us have their duties…

Therefore, we are very happy that we decided to rent a bigger house in the first place. Like this, we can work, play and learn at the same time and it is no problem when the little ones are crowing while the big one has to concentrate and we are working from home office.

Especially for Lila the situation is extraordinary. Learning outside of the usual environment, at home instead of at school and without her classmates. Of course, it requires a lot of preparation to take your child out of school while working abroad.

Real Parents: release children from school when working abroad

Before going on that trip, we thought extensively about how we could explain the whole thing to the school. Our first contact person in that matter was Lila’s teacher. We explained the whole situation to her and she did not have any concerns whatsoever.

The next step was a formal request we needed to submit to the school’s director, followed by a personal conversation. Here we explained that we were going to be working in L.A. and that we neither could nor wanted to leave Lila in Frankfurt during that time. The director was very appreciative of the fact that we didn’t want to leave our child behind.

Of course, Lila would still have to be taught while away in order to not lag behind her classmates. Shortly before leaving we clarified how learning in L.A. would actually look like. Gladly Jasna, our assistant who also happens to be a tutoress, joined us on this trip which made things super easy. Teaching Lila myself would probably have been quite complicated and combined with the inevitable hassle and arguing. But with Jasna it works perfectly fine and without any nagging.

What is essential in this case is a certain regularity. Lila has lessons in maths, German and social studies every day from 9 am to 1 pm. Her teacher is sending the exercises per e-mail on a weekly basis. When it comes to arts and music, Lila gets tasks from us. That could be ‘Draw a postcard’ or ‘Write a German Text for the song Happy’. The easiest subject is English as she can practise everyday by just ordering for us in a café or restaurant.

Actually, Lila responds very good to these intensive lessons here in L.A and she seems to learn a lot.

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