Meet Candise, our #CYBEXAmbassador from Washington, DC

Through my company at we inspire women and mom’s to pursue their dreams, and live life in style! As a creative, I truly enjoy my work in capturing memories in history through my camera lens which allows me to apply my passions for an inspired and creative life and to craft delightful user experiences (UX) and designing elegant user interfaces (UI). Most important of all, I am married to the love of my life for six years, and a mother of three tiny humans and one bundle of joy who will join us in December.

From work to play, we have an extremely busy and active lifestyle. With an 8, 6, and 4 year old there is literally never a dull moment in our house. In 2011 we moved to Washington DC from Miami and fell in love with the city. Although there was plenty to get adjusted to we loved exploring the city and all that it has to offer; The museums, the historical sites and so much amazing food & shopping.

Learning to balance my work with my ever-chaotic home-life has always been a focus of mine. Motherhood is an amazing and enriching life experience, but is not all that I am or that I want to achieve. Being a mother and pursuing a dream job, career, entrepreneurship, or just an inspiring passion is something that mothers across the globe are doing everyday. It is a journey that has its ups and downs like any other and this is the spirit of my blog, which shares my story and the story of so many other amazing women that are redefining what it means to be a mother; getting sh*t done in all aspects of womanhood, motherhood, business and life. We are women who happen to be moms too! This is what I define as the new mom and the women of now and the future; we are Millennial Mom’s.

I love that I can fulfill my personal passions and inspire others to take care of themselves – mind, body & soul – and that I get to be home and raise my tiny humans while doing so. I want to encourage and help other mothers to do the same; We all deserve it!


If there is one thing that parenthood has taught me it’s that the most important times in our lives are the small, seemingly insignificant ones. Taking my kids to the park, cuddling in bed, dancing around the house, it’s the little moments in life that the matter most.

Obtaining the right recipe for balancing business, motherhood, and relationships is a constant process of trial and error. Sharing this journey of my successes, mishaps and those of other Millennia Mom’s, is my hope to inspire and create a community of women to continue chasing their dreams and passions – in style! Keep reading the blog to keep up with me and see how CYBEX is helping me parent without leaving my identity behind.