Meet Caroline, our #CYBEXAmbassador in Copenhagen

Aesthetics is a huge part of our daily lives. Being surrounded by things pleasing to the eye has become something we as human beings pursue every day. Whether it’s museums, decorating projects, or in our work… it’s key to happiness! It is actually through this passion how Anthony and I met. Through our shared love of photography and through Instagram!

Anthony is from Cambridge, UK, and I am from Copenhagen. Somehow we connected by liking a lot of the same images online and started chatting. Two weeks later, Anthony packed his bags, quit his job, and moved to Copenhagen and a year and a half later, we are now married and are expecting our first baby! Most people thought we were crazy, but I think we both knew that it was the right thing to do. Neither of us are very daring, so it was a complete shock to everyone who knew us. I’m not out to change the world but I hope our story can inspire some people to just go for it and reach for their dreams.

We are both really into the Nordic lifestyle, so settling down in Copenhagen together wasn’t all that difficult. We live in a very modern part of the city called Ørestad. It’s really like stepping into the future as soon as you get off the metro station near our place. Just at the end of the road we have a huge forest, where we like to get lost in during the weekends. The contrast between the busy, modern city and the forest still thrills me.

People keep joking that our whole world is grey, since we have chosen to paint almost everything we own grey. Our wardrobes are mostly grey, and our furniture too. This is the overall theme we have on all of our social media as well. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if baby came out grey as well! At least everything she owns will be some shade of grey, including her new CYBEX PRIAM – the Manhattan Grey* color was the perfect choice for us.

Becoming parents has been such an exciting prospect for both of us, and we can’t wait to go on family trips and spend Sundays doing crafts and baking with little helpers! The waiting time already seems unbearable, but we keep busy getting ready and preparing for her arrival. Just last week we discovered she was a girl, so next up is finding her the perfect name. April can’t come soon enough! Follow our journey here on the CYBEX blog and also on our Instagram @carolinenehring.


*Not available in the US.