Meet Chantal, our #CYBEXAMBASSADOR in Los Angeles

Hi there, I’m Chantal and I’m originally from Toronto, Canada.  My husband, Jarrett and I met while working in Shanghai, China but we have since moved to Los Angeles and started a family.  We have a smart and loving 2.5 year old toddler named Greyson who I get to spend a lot of quality time with since I work from home.  I work when he naps and when he goes to sleep at night. During the time that he’s awake we always have some sort of activity planned such as going to the museum, the  library, music class, art class, swimming lessons, the park, playdates, etc.  We live in the city and enjoy keeping very busy by taking advantage of everything that is going on around us.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, I went back to college and got a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising also known as, “FIDM”.  I write for my blog at, am the CMO of Beverly Hills based, Wynn Jewels, fashion stylist for musician Felice Lazae, Blogger and PR lead at and part-time wedding planner/event stylist with Louise Georges Yves.  Clearly, I’m the type of person that enjoys keeping busy all hours of the day, sometimes too busy!  Of course, this can become a little hectic with a two year old, but my advice is to keep a really good schedule.  For the most part, I know exactly what I’m doing for the week ahead before the week even starts, organizing it all on a calendar.  I don’t always need things to go perfectly according to plan, on the contrary, I’m rather flexible, but having a plan helps keep me focused and efficient.

We got our stroller Friday evening, put it together and immediately took it for a stroll to a local spot called “The Grove”, a popular outdoor shopping destination in Los Angeles.


My son enjoyed watching Aladdin in the park in the comfort of his new PRIAM, and afterwards we got some ice cream, much to Greyson’s delight!


Saturday, I tested out the CYBEX changing bag at Underwood Farms where we spent the day picking pumpkins and celebrating the Fall season together as a family.  One of the great features of this bag is the large change mat and the removable drink insulator which keeps your child’s drinks cold. This was especially handy as we were at a farm in 100 degree weather, yes, you heard me correctly 100 degrees! YIKES!!!


Sunday, we took the stroller and kidboard accessory to the California Science Center where we met up with some friends.  Greyson’s 4.5 year old best buddy loved the kidboard and enjoyed hopping on and off of it!

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We’re definitely a family on the go and we’re excited to be a part of the CYBEX Ambassador’s Team.  The ultra-chic, luxury PRIAM stroller that we just received looks like it’s going to fit right in with our busy lifestyle!  Feel free to follow my journey as the Los Angeles #cybexambassador at my lifestyle blog and Instagram page @chantalreneeblog or right here on the CYBEX blog!