As a filmmaker Los Angeles is the place to be.

As L.A. natives, it was the last place Star and I wanted to settle down so we packed our things and, not lacking a certain amount of trepidation, hopped in a car pointing north. Neither of us had been to Portland before but we’d heard good things and were up for an adventure, which in hindsight makes us the most stereotypical LA-to-PDX migrants possible. And the cherry on top? The first thing I did upon arrival was shun my established career and begin building and selling custom hardwood furniture.


So yes, our lives were basically a Portlandia episode…

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The one thing that was clear was that this was going to be home. It’s artistic and engaging, there’s always something amazing to do (or eat!) and we love how such a metropolitan downtown can be so close to some of the most incredible natural beauty in the world.


After a year working with wood and metal, I knew it was time to get back to my true passion. Portland is ad agency central and we’ve been super lucky to get to work alongside the best of them. Turns out it’s quite the challenge to condense an entire storytelling experience down to 30 seconds!


Our daughter was born on October 9th, to what was probably the most well documented first 24 hours in existence. I had 35mm film, two types of medium format film, our RED digital cinema camera, polaroid, digital, and even a disposable camera!


So the moral of the story is: buy stock in hard drive companies.

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I’ve heard people say design is everything, but I believe that’s only part of the equation. Great design is also functional and well made. I applied that philosophy in my furniture building and I continue to use it as the measure of what makes a great commercial: Does it intuitively explain the product? Is it produced to a certain quality standard? Is it aesthetically beautiful?

It works for us and at Carlino, I believe it should work in everyday life. When we found out Star was pregnant I discovered most kid stuff did not follow those criteria. At what point did “baby gear” become synonymous with “plastic, primary-colors, and cheaply-built”?


I had an especially hard time picking a stroller. They were the epitome of function over form, and even the best among them felt like they’d be broken within the year. After a lot of disappointing trips to a lot of different shops, we went back to the drawing board… well, the internet. In google images I searched “well designed stroller” because, well, we had to start somewhere! What came up was a beautifully designed stroller that took in to account Design, Safety and Functionality. Inspired by the work of Ray and Charles Eames, we finally found a stroller that fit our criteria.


And the rest is history.