Meet Renee – our #CYBEXAmbassador in Tokyo

Being a new mom and getting to grips with a big city can be challenging at times but I’ve lived in some of the biggest cities so I’m used to adapting. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, I made a move to New York where I met my husband James.  Then after spending two and a half year in Bangkok, we have now found ourselves setting up a new life in Tokyo. Most people would call me crazy for moving to one of the world’s largest city and not speaking the language when I was 6 months pregnant. But every day brings new excitement and having my little boy Liam hasn’t hindered my adventurous lifestyle at all. Little Liam is a natural born traveller himself: in fact, even before he was born he visited 11 different countries in Europe, Asia and North America in my tummy! While travel definitely has a different set of challenges with a baby, it can be even more fun than ever.


My top 5 tips when travelling with a newborn:

  • Take your time – There’s no point rushing because you know things will come up. So just go with it. Things with a baby is that it takes twice the time anyways so budget accordingly!
  • Battery-operated fan – keeps them cool in city like Tokyo which gets so hot and humid – Liam loves his!
  • Stick to the usual routine (if you can…) – baths, feeding and bedtimes.
  • Dress for comfort – in layers that are easy to put on and take off
  • Walk around the plane – good for you and good for them

Hustle and bustle is definitely in our family’s DNA. Luckily, Tokyo is the perfect city for it. Our favourite hangout spots are the Tokyo Midtown Park in Roppongi, a favorite for the young parent set, where we go to for sunny afternoon picnic and the beautiful Imperial Palace and Gardens which is a great place for a beautiful Sunday stroll or run. After a nice run we often head to a restaurant called Oak Door, where we find lots of our friends with their babies or to Mercer Brunch for some of the most amazing French Toast in Tokyo.

A favorite hangout of ours is the Daikayama neighborhood which is brimming with lovely places to shop, eat and get coffee. This weekend we spent an afternoon doing just that with little Liam enjoying the family outing from the comfort of his CYBEX PRIAM. Check out some of the pics we took and keep following the blog!