New colours: 2014 collection

For the new 2014 collection, we have created ten new colour combinations – the PLATINUM line provides five more colour variations: the PLUS version with exclusive, very hard-wearing fabrics in a denim look. Each style consists of a unique colour combination which together create a contemporary collection inspired by the latest fashion trends.

New colours for all product categories

Not only our CYBEX PLATINUM and CYBEX GOLD car seats appear in new colours, but also our CYBEX strollers and buggies are now available in three new colour combinations. And for everyone who always wants to wear the latest colour trends: the CYBEX baby carriers come in the new colour combinations from now on, too.

Check Pinterest for ideas and suggestions

CYBEX Pinterest Moodboard Autumn Gold

We collected our inspirations, ideas and suggestions in terms of the CYBEX colour scheme are reflected in our Colour Moodboards on Pinterest. Gradually, we will dedicate one board to every colour combination and thus give you an insight into the colourful world of CYBEX. Ocean for example stands for the vast extend of the sea, while Charcoal could not be more classic and precious. Autumn Gold, on the other hand, glows with warm light and sunny orange.

An overview of our exclusive CYBEX PLATINUM car seats in all 15 brand new colours:



CYBEX Sirona

CYBEX Solution Q-fix