Purchasing an infant car seat for babies

Infant car seats are absolutely essential for transporting babies in the car, and there are a few points that should be considered when you are looking to buy.

Here we have compiled some advice:

  • Infant car seats in the ECE 0+ Group are the safest and most commonly used car seats for transporting infants. The newborn must be secured in a rear-facing position and the seat can be used until the infant reaches a weight of 13kg. In the event of a collision, the baby’s entire torso and head are evenly supported by the back rest.
  • When purchasing a new car seat, it is important to ensure that it comes with an orange ECE label. The seat should have been tested and approved in accordance with the current standard ECE R-44/04 or ECE R‐129 (i‐Size).
  • Purchase your infant car seat in good time prior to your baby’s due date, preferably from a specialist retailer, and make sure you are familiar with how it works.
  • Before buying an infant car seat, try it out in your car first. The length and width of the seat belt and the seat design can vary from car to car. If the seat is likely to be switched between vehicles, it is important to ensure that it is suitable and fits both.
  • Infants must be secured safely in their car seats, however fragile they are. The Y-belt system has proven to be a very good and comfortable solution, particularly for premature babies, but also for fully developed ones too.
  • Your child should grow out of the infant car seat instead of the seat being initially too small. Always choose an infant car seat that grows with your child and gives your baby perfect support and optimal protection, so that each new growth spurt is supported by the seat. Additionally, your infant will receive added support if the seat cover is not smooth enough.

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