Prior to market launch all CYBEX products undergo a very natural kind of test. We like to call it the practical staff test. CYBEX employs many parents – and we all know that parents can be hard to please, making them the most discerning critics. Their experience and suggested improvements help guarantee the highest quality. Following we have put together a couple of questions having been submitted to us by our test employees with knowledge of forward-facing car seats only up to now.

What about my child’s legs?

There are no reported incidents of rear-facing children hurting their legs. There are, however, a multitude of reported incidents of children hurting their necks in forward-facing car seats with harness systems. Rear-facing Group I car seats are positioned in a way that there is sufficient space for the legs, minimizing the risk of injury.

Will my child be unhappy in a rear-facing car seat?

Children that have always been rear-facing will not know any different and will be happy and content in their rear-facing car seat. You can utilize the same entertainment tools you would normally use during a journey – toys, music, games or stories etc. If there is an adult or older child travelling in the back seat with the rear-facing child, they can interact much better than if the child was in a forward-facing seat, as they can look at each other more easily.

How will I be able to interact with my child?

It‘s really dangerous to turn around to talk to your child while driving. With your child rear-facing, you are less likely to even try. There are special mirrors you can get if you find that you really need to be able to see your child‘s face. The recommended way to deal with children that need attention in the car is to stop, turn around and deal with them. Many accidents are caused by drivers dividing their attention between the road and other distractions.

Can my child see out the window in a rear-facing seat?

Children in rear-facing car seats can see as much out the side window as children in forward-facing seats. In most vehicles the child will have a clear view out of the back window as the headrest of the back seat can be easily removed. Obviously the child cannot see out the front windscreen, but on the other hand neither can a forward-facing child. The most important thing to remember is that safety is more important than having a good view.

Can I keep my child in a rear-facing seat even if they have passed the specified weight limit of 18 kg or 39.7 lb?

No, it is not safe to do so. The seat has not been tested for heavier children and in an accident your child might not be effectively protected.

Can I use rear-facing seats with ISOFIX?

Yes, absolutely. ISOFIX offers enhanced safety and stability combined with lower misuse rates and therefore is highly recommended.

Can I use a rear-facing seat if my car is equipped with side airbags/side curtains?

Yes. Side airbags and side curtains are safe with both forward-facing and rear-facing seats. However, that is, provided that the car manual is not prohibiting the use of a child car seat where the side airbag/side curtain is fitted, please check the manual first! The biggest risk with side airbags is for children who are not positioned correctly in their seats and who are therefore leaning on the door, have their face pressed against the window or sleeping with their head resting on the door or window.

For further information please visit our CYBEX Child Safety Centre.

…to be continued…

Stay tuned – CYBEX Sirona – A Revolutionary Perspective on Child Safety –   the countdown is on…