Want to have your Pinterest boards featured on the CYBEX Pinterest page?  Then start your own colour inspiration board and start pinning!

Our new 2016 colour range has launched, and we are asking our fans to create their very own colour inspiration boards based off the CYBEX colour inspiration boards on Pinterest (  There are 8 colours to choose from, including Autumn Gold, Happy Black, Olive Khaki, Princess Pink, Phantom Grey, Mars Red, Royal Blue and Manhattan Grey, and fans can create a board for each colour to show their own inspiration. Simply follow these 5 steps to win the chance to have your own board featured on the CYBEX page:

  1. Follow CYBEX on Pinterest.
  2. Create a new board and name it CYBEX (colour) Inspiration Board by (your name).
  3. Start your board by pinning the collage image of the particular colour to your own board (see picture above)
  4. Add CYBEX as a collaborator in order for us to be able to share your board.
  5. Start pinning your own colour inspirations!

So get on it Pinners!  We can’t wait to see your colour inspirations!