The car seat that grows with the child

Are you worried that your child is too big for the car seat, or that the car seat itself could be too small? Well, don’t worry – the CYBEX Gold car seats Pallas M, Pallas M-fix, Solution M and Solution M-fix are all equipped with a 12-position height adjustable headrest.

This means that the headrest grows to match the height of your child. The child’s sensitive head and neck area remain within the safety zone and, in turn, your child remains perfectly protected. This feature ensures that the seat has a long period of usability.

Additional advantages: Thanks to the V-shaped seat area and the height-adjusted side protectors the seat offers more comfort for bigger children.

Please be advised: Only an optimally adjusted headrest offers maximum protection for your child. There should be enough space for two fingers to fit between the lower edge of the headrest and the shoulders of the child.