The Solution Q3-fix – the safest Solution of all time

Every parent knows the situation when the kid nods off to sleep in the car: The head tips forward, the body relaxes and they drift off. However, not all parents are aware that sleeping in this position can pose a risk for your child in the event of an accident, even when they are seated in their child car seat. When the body slumps forward, the sensitive head and neck area are virtually unprotected and are therefore exposed to the violent forces of a collision.

Our engineers and safety experts have found an innovative and ground-breaking solution to this common problem: the Solution Q3-fix.

The Solution Q3-fix offers a reclining headrest – unique to the industry – to provide the best possible protection for sleeping children. It is adjustable to 3 positions and allows for a 15 degree recline which prevents the dangerous tipping forward of the head when the child is asleep. Instead, the head tips backwards, the respiratory airways are cleared and the head is actively guided into a safe position in the event of a collision

The headrest guarantees that the child’s sensitive head and neck area are also protected in a side-collision as it remains within the car seat’s safety zone created by the head and side protectors. Besides improving passive safety, the patented headrest also ensures a comfortable sleeping position for when the child drifts off the sleep.

Additional to the patented reclining headrest, the optimised Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus) ensures the highest level of safety and comfort. A new automatic height and width adjustment allows for a flexible and optimal alignment of the car seat to the child’s size, plus a new air ventilation system guarantees a comfortable seating temperature even on hot days.


Now when your child is sleeping soundly in the car seat there is no need to worry, we have you covered! 🙂

Learn more about the Safety, Design and Functionality of the the Solution Q3-fix here.