A huge thank you for everyone who tagged their photo with #urbanstreetpoetry on Instagram! Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a tremendous response, and we have received nearly 1,200 posts with snap-shot insights into the lives of some cool moms and dads out there!  We had entries from all over the world and after extensive analysis (well… a fun afternoon going through some great Instagram feeds!) we are delighted to introduce you to the CYBEX Ambassadors Squad!  You will get to know them a bit more as we follow their lives as new parents, and we hope to show you what makes them the quintessential CYBEX Parents!  So keep following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t miss out on the great stuff they are willing to show you! Just look for our #urbanstreetpoetry hashtag to follow their stories.

We want to say thank you to everyone who entered. Please keep on tagging your pictures with #urbanstreetpoetry and #cybex_global for your chance to be featured on our social media pages!


Candise Miller – Washington, DC, USA

Candise Miller

This multi-tasking mama is expecting her fourth child this December, but it certainly hasn’t slowed down her creative and cultural lifestyle. Candise is a photographer, designer and blogger on  We can expect some great photos of her jam-packed artistic daily life for sure! Check out Candise’s Instagram account here.


Chantal Dube – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Chantal Dube

Chantal is definitely a #momboss!  She is the CMO and co-owner of Wynn Jewels, a fine jewellery company based in Beverly Hills, as well as an assistant wedding planner. She also writes the blog for both and  Her style is impeccable – an obvious choice for our squad. Check out Chantal’s Instagram account here.


Duncan O’Bryan – Portland, OR, USA

Duncan O'Bryan

The only dad in the group, Duncan is a pro behind the camera…literally. He is the Creative Director and cinematographer for We Are Carlino, and has worked with some of the coolest brands around. If that’s not enough he is a new dad to boot! Being a pro behind the camera means that his focus will be on his new little girl. We can expect some amazing photos and videos from this proud new dad. The icing on the cake is that he is based in one of the hippest cities in the world, you can see why we chose him to join our squad. Check out Duncan’s Instagram account here.


Renee Hulsmann – Tokyo, Japan

Renee Hulsmann

Renee is a born traveller. Having grown up in Vancouver, Canada, she has spent time in New York, Thailand and now Tokyo with her husband and new baby boy.  Renee’s sense of adventure will most certainly take us to the coolest place in Tokyo and beyond! Check out Renee’s Instagram account here.


Caroline Nehring – Copenhagen, Denmark

Caroline Nehring

One glance at Caroline’s Instagram and you can immediately see why she was chosen. This gorgeous mom has style coming out of her ears! Based in Copenhagen with her English husband Anthony, they are expecting their first baby in April.  Blogging about all things lifestyle on her blog, Caroline brings her own take on the Scandinavian aesthetic.  We can’t wait to get a glimpse into her life as she prepares to be a mom. Check out Caroline’s Instagram account here.