Impact shield: Three questions for Franz Peleska, Director Child Safety Products at CYBEX

1. CYBEX is mainly producing car seats with an impact shield. What logic stands behind this decision?

We are convinced that when a child is travelling forward facing in a car seat, the safest way to do so is with an impact shield.

2. What happens in case of a collision while using a car seat with an impact shield?

The head and the neck area are very endangered in case of a collision, especially when it comes to small children. The reason for this is because a child’s head is proportionally bigger and heavier than the head of an adult. With an impact shield the forces in case of a collision are absorbed over a larger area. The upper body and the head of the child roll over the impact shield, reducing the extreme strain on the neck by approx. 40 %. Consequently, preventing serious neck injuries.

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3. An impact shield seems to be a bit uncomfortable for the child.

The impact shields on CYBEX car seats are adjustable and therefore adapt perfectly to the size of the child. This offers freedom of movement while ensuring the highest safety standards for the small passenger.