Urban Origami by Mademoiselle Maurice

French Artist Mademoiselle Maurice headed to the streets of Vietnam and Hong Kong and expanded her urban origami art installations to a spectrum of colorful shapes on the city facades.

The origami crane became an international symbol of peace. So, the artist wanted to come back to this page of the history, which is far but really actual too. It is her tribute for all the victims of the violent actions in our world. The message is hard, but speaking about it in a dark manner wasn’t necessary for her. That’s why she preferred “the optimism of the action instead of the pessimism of the think” (it’s the words of Harald Zindler) – her installations are colorful and show a lot of optimism though.

We can see an human solidarity network thought of the accumulation of all the papers. Sometimes, while folding all the origamis, she imagines them being people, having some imaginary positive connection between each other. Therefore, every origami represents in a simplified way some natural elements like flowers or birds…

What a beautiful project!