Valentine’s Day: A Reminder to Stop and Smell the Roses

Valentine’s Day is an important reminder to celebrate the ones we love. Daily life is so busy these days that it’s easy to forget to appreciate the moment, and more regrettably, to appreciate each other.  The 14th February is the day that keeps us from putting our romances in the backseat and to spur us to rush to the shops for roses and chocolates.

But then do we really need a designated holiday to celebrate love? Shouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day? It seems strange to have only one day a year for our special someone, because, when you are in love, every day should be filled with equal devotion and passion. But love is all about the small things, the details that remind you of what that person means to you. It´s like bringing home the groceries, putting the kids to bed or doing the dishes which keeps the love alive.

All you need is love: Celebrate Valentines Day with CYBEX

At the end of the day, we really need a reason to break from the routine, to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses. So yes, in short, we need Valentine’s Day for the roses and the chocolates.  But we need the small details every day to keep love alive. Tradition is a good – it keeps us from forgetting what is important and this makes Valentine’s Day a significant tradition. But don’t think that you’re off the hook for the other 364 days of the year.  But today, maybe just take a bit of extra time to stop and smell the roses!

From all of us at CYBEX, have a happy and loving Valentine’s Day!