THINGS WE LOVE – Ice Lollies

Making your own ice cream or lollies isn’t as hard as you might think. In the US in particular, homemade lollies (or popsicles as they’re more commonly known) are a real hit. Virtually all blogs have posted recipes for new refreshing ideas. We’ve picked out our top three for you. With lashings of extra fruit and without an ice-cream maker.

Rice-pudding popsicle with raspberries:


Mango lolly:




And another cool tip – more sugar means the lolly’s consistency will be less firm. The cold lolly also tastes a lot less sweet than the actual lolly mixture. The sugar must also be dissolved so that it’s easy to mix in. As a result, it’s best to use syrup, agave nectar or honey as sweeteners. Have fun trying out the recipes!

Images © Thomas Neckermann