CYBEX real parents…first days in L.A.

CYBEX Real Parents

CYBEX Real Parents

The first days in L.A. literally flew by.

We are already right in the middle of the preparations for our L.A. exhibition, which is scheduled to begin end of March.

But first things first.

The first days in a new place are always exciting, especially for the little ones. That is why getting familiar with our neighbourhood was top of our list.  And we’re already in love. Silverlake is full of little independent cafés and yummy restaurants. Again and again we just run into great locations for our upcoming productions. Meanwhile we are starting to feel at home here and we are getting over the jetlag.Which is good, as now it’s time to get some work done. Today is our first shooting: at the beach. Listening to great old school Hip Hop we’re setting out for Malibu. The kids love to cruise and we’re reminiscing about our favourite TV series from those teenage days while we’re driving through Beverly Hills, Bel Air etc. Maybe we’re lucky and run into George Clooney one day?

The afternoon is reserved to meet friends at their pool house. The bigger kids jump into the cold water straight away while Lima, totally the California Girl, approaches thing in a more laid-back way. The view here is magnificent and we feel the urge to simply photograph everything. It’s not very hard to work under circumstances like that.

Tired but happy we start back for home which takes us quite a while. Until now, none of us realized how big L.A. really is. There’s so much more to discover…

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Nada & Vanessa