real parents…Chop Salad vs. Vegan Chocolate Cake

The last few days in L.A. have been very busy but at the same time incredibly exciting and also productive.

All the more we enjoy the little the little pleasures of everyday life such as Vanessa’s street (Vann Ness Av), which we randomly discovered on the way to an appointment in Beverly Hills. Or the funny eating habits of the Americans. A local photographer, whom we talked to about our exhibition, for example introduced us to the latest trend food in Beverly Hills: Chop Salad – as the name says, finely chopped up salad with sliced Salami. Quite interesting, but we still prefer our vegan chocolate cake, to be quite honest. Our after-work treat together with the kids.

CYBEX real parents - food check in Beverly Hills

At last, all of our photos for the exhibition have arrived. Now it’s time to meet gallery owner Kirsten Hermann to talk about the details and finalize the planning. We’re lucky to get a large room at the local Soho House which gives us the opportunity to really spread out all material. Like this the idea for the hanging of the photographs starts to develop. It is going to be fantastic! You may be curious…

CYBEX real parents - food check in Beverly Hills


Nada & Vanessa