Meet 3 months old Binky Rose. So eager to see the world, she came a bit early. But this fashionista (check out the headband!) already knows how to travel in style and comfort. The Aton Q was developed with German medical specialists and midwives and is designed to provide the flattest possible lying angle between head, neck and chest, thus ensuring the best possible transportation of premature babies and very small newborns whose neck muscles and reflexes are not yet well enough developed. This helps to reduce the risk of breathing difficulties when the baby is at its most delicate phase in life. And by adjusting the headrest, the sitting angle changes automatically and the car seat can grows with the child. With this integrated automatic adjustment, the infant car seat also offers bigger children more room and comfort, ensure that Binky Rose will be safe and secure as she grows up.  To find out more about the Aton Q and all its benefits, click here.