Cybex has reason to celebrate! Five of CYBEX’s child seats were awarded the coveted quality seal “Best Buy” in the most recent 2012 child seat test by the British consumer organisation WHICH? – a top recommendation for British parents. We are delighted that all of the highlights from our current child seat collection in every weight class – from the infant carrier in Group 0+ to the child seats for bigger children in Group II/III – are represented in this illustrious list in the United Kingdom.

WHICH? is the biggest independent consumer organisation in the UK dating back more than 50 years.  The quality rating “Best Buy” is only awarded to products and services that achieve the best results after being put through their paces in comprehensive tests by WHICH?. For the consumer it is a reliable indicator of excellent products and services. But WHICH? does not only rate the best products; with its “Don’t Buy” label, it also advises against the purchase of certain products and services.

The child seat tests by WHICH? are based on similar criteria to the tests by Stiftung Warentest and ADAC in Germany. Safety and performance in frontal and side-impact collisions as well as seat design comprise about 60% of the overall valuation. The remaining 40% relates to user-friendliness (installation, potential for incorrect use, comfort, cleaning and workmanship). Price does not play a role. In order to make it into the list of products with a “Best Buy” rating, child seats in Group I, II, III or combination child seats for example, must achieve a valuation of at least 74%. The child seats are also given a star rating: 5 stars = Very Good, 4 stars = Good, 3 stars = Satisfactory, 2 stars = Poor and 1 star = Very poor.

… and here come the WHICH? verdicts on CYBEX’s outstanding child seats:

CYBEX Aton 2 with base

Whether with a belted base (here Aton 2 achieved 83% – the absolute top result) or with an Isofix base (79%), the CYBEX Aton 2 is rated an outstanding product with exceptional safety features. In the safety category, the infant carrier was awarded 5 stars – the top rating “Very Good”. Other positive product features praised by WHICH? are the excellent finish quality, the easy-to-use shell and base, as well as the fact that it can be easily incorporated into a travel system.

CYBEX Aton 2 without base

Even without an additional base, the Aton 2 still received a 77% rating. According to WHICH?, the Aton 2 offers excellent protection in case of an accident. Your child can feel very safe in this infant carrier. This is further emphasised by the 5 stars in the safety assessment – the top rating “Very Good”. Further pros highlighted by WHICH? are again the excellent finish quality and the fact that it can be easily incorporated into a travel system.

CYBEX Juno-fix

The Group I seat Juno-fix from CYBEX received an equally positive rating of 79%. The overall WHICH? assessment: a great child seat! Easy to install thanks to being ultra lightweight, and with the advantage that it can be installed either with or without Isofix. Excellent side-impact and good frontal impact protection, high-quality finish and easy to clean. The seat is very comfortable, spacious and is pleasantly padded.

CYBEX Pallas 2-fix

The fourth “Best Buy” recommendation is for the CYBEX Pallas 2-fix, which grows with the child, in the Group I/II/III category. The child seat has a long lifespan of around 11 years. Which? rated its safety performance in accidents as excellent throughout its entire lifespan, and awarded its side-impact protection with the top mark – five stars. Moreover, WHICH? highlights its simple and user-friendly handling, which leaves little room for error .

CYBEX Solution X2-fix

Last but not least, the fifth member of the group. According to Which?, CYBEX Solution X2-fix is one of the best child seats in the Group II/III category, which is why it received the coveted accolade. With both belted and Isofix installation, the seat achieved the best result for side-impact protection and a Very Good (four stars) for frontal impact protection. It was also judged to be extremely easy to use, ultra lightweight and to have an excellent head support as well as low loads in the frontal and side crash. Optimal sitting comfort and first-class quality round off the overall “Very Good” assessment.